New in LISTSERV 16.5

Note: LISTSERV 16.5 is an old version. For information about the latest version, see: New in LISTSERV 17.0.

LISTSERV 16.5 Highlights

GDPR Reporting Tool
With the EU GDPR having gone into effect May 25, 2018, L-Soft now offers a companion script to help customers with GDPR compliance. The script scans all list archives, changelogs and subscriptions, producing a report that lists every instance of an individual's personal data on the LISTSERV server. The web interface also allows for easy insertion of a per-list privacy policy on the list home page.

SHA-2 Hashing
All new LISTSERV password records and login tickets are now generated with 256-bit SHA-2 hashing and strong random-number generation (cryptographic RNG). The use of SHA-2 family hash functions is required for many organizations, including government agencies.

HSTS Maximum Age
The web interface can now enable HTTP Strict Transport Security, which specifies a period of time during which the user agent can only access the server in a secure fashion, enhancing security for any LISTSERV site that uses the HTTPS protocol.

Faster Archive Searches
LISTSERV 16.5 includes significant performance improvements for archive searches. With LISTSERV HPO, administrators can choose to preload the archives of specific lists into memory at the time of startup for even faster searches on very large lists.

Faster Web Interface
Customers with LISTSERV HPO licenses will experience performance improvements in the web interface as well, most notably when accessing lists with large archives or supporting a large number of concurrent users.

Dynamic Query Cache
Dynamic query performance under LISTSERV HPO has been improved by allowing DQL queries for the purpose of authenticating list owners or moderators to be cached, considerably speeding up response time on large sites.

Anti-Spam Improvements
Several anti-spam improvements have been made to prevent bots from abusing the list subscribe forms with random email addresses and phishing URLs.

Time Specification for Digests
Monthly and weekly digests can now be configured to be sent out at a specific hour of the day instead of midnight server time.

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