L-Soft Direct: Discount Table

Your discount is based on your aggregate purchases during the current calendar year (including the purchase you are about to make). Unfortunately, we cannot use your fiscal year instead, but we can help you rearrange your purchases into one yearly batch so that you receive the maximum possible discount.

Only prior purchases and the purchase you are about to make count toward your aggregate. We are unable to count any purchases that you plan to make in the future but cannot commit to now.

To avoid penalizing our customers for the dollar exchange rate, U.S. and Canadian customers can currently count $1 as €1 when reading the discount table. In other words, if you are located in the United States or Canada, you can just ignore the euro signs and assume that all figures are in U.S. Dollars.



€ 0-10,000


€ 10,001-25,000


€ 25,001-50,000


€ 50,001-100,000


€ 100,001-


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