L-Soft Management

Eric Thomas

Eric Thomas,
Founder & Chief Executive Officer

As L-Soft's CEO, Eric Thomas has successfully expanded the company's product and service offerings well beyond the original LISTSERV® product. Under his leadership, the company today has more than 3,700 customers worldwide – including 23 of the Fortune 100 – and continues to break records, delivering more than 30 million messages per day to more than 130 million list subscriptions.

In 1986, Eric created L-Soft's flagship product, LISTSERV, the first email list manager and the current de facto standard for the administration of email lists. Eight years later Eric founded L-Soft – now the global provider of software and outsourcing services for email list management, discussion groups, newsletters and direct email marketing campaigns.

A citizen of both Panama and France, Eric began his career working for CERN in Geneva and in 1990 moved to Stockholm where he helped SUNET (Swedish University Network) launch the Internet in Sweden. Prior to that, he studied engineering in Paris. Eric has also worked in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. He speaks French, Spanish, Swedish, Italian and some Russian.

Outi Tuomaala

Outi Tuomaala,
VP of Marketing & Executive Vice President

Outi Tuomaala is L-Soft's Executive Vice President and also heads the marketing department. She started working for L-Soft in the United States in 1998 and has since then played a leading role in the development of the company. One of her earliest responsibilities at L-Soft was the launch of L-Soft's first European office in Stockholm. She was promoted to Executive Vice President in 2000 and is now responsible for marketing strategies, the Swedish office as well as international co-ordination.

Originally from Finland, Outi has also worked in Germany and in the United States. She speaks Finnish, English, Swedish and German and holds a Master's degree in Business Administration and Economics from the University of Uppsala and a Bachelor's degree in Art History from Stockholm University.

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