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3040 - LISTSERV List Owner I (Basics)
3042 - LISTSERV List Owner III (Advanced) (One-Way Lists)
3080 - LISTSERV Site Admin I (Basics)
3084 - LISTSERV Site Admin V (Advanced)
3085 - LISTSERV Site Admin VI (Analysis & Problem Solving)

101 - LISTSERV Maestro Basic Introduction
U1 - Maestro User Track - Content Creation
U2 - Maestro User Track - Recipient Definition
U3 - Maestro User Track - Subscriber Warehouse Basics
U4 - Maestro User Track - Email Automation
U5 - Maestro User Track - Subscriber Warehouse and Layout Customization
U6 - Maestro User Track - LISTSERV Lists in Maestro
A1 - Maestro Admin Track - Users And Groups
A2 - Maestro Admin Track - Configuration Settings
A3 - Maestro Admin Track - LUI Data
A4 - Maestro Admin Track - File System And System Services

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