Download LISTSERV HPO Product Sheet

Experience the power of LISTSERV HPO (High Performance Option) – the full, unlimited enterprise version of LISTSERV – for free for one month.

LISTSERV HPO is the enterprise version of LISTSERV, especially designed for large email lists, databases and sites. Its key benefit compared to LISTSERV Classic is even faster and more efficient handling of large numbers of lists and subscribers.

Among the many benefits, LISTSERV HPO offers faster and more efficient:

  • Mail-Merge
  • Background Distribute
  • Auto-Delete Processing
  • Search Requests
  • Subscriber Import
  • DomainKeys Signing
  • Handling of Large Lists
  • Handling of Many Lists

If you are already running LISTSERV 16.5, simply contact us at to obtain a LISTSERV HPO License Activation Key. Otherwise, download LISTSERV 16.5 and then contact us to obtain your LAK.


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